When Olympia Provisions was founded in 2010, Elias Cairo set out to do one thing: make the highest quality product based on old world traditions, recipes, and techniques.

Elias got excited about the time he spent in Switzerland where “pub food” was rich with Alpine flavors and paired perfectly with traditional beers. It was those memories that influenced the direction of the new menu and the focus of the restaurant.

The Olympia Provisions Public House is the Portland version of a neighborhood pub that you could walk to in an Alpine town. While we will still offer our classics like the bratwurst and frankfurter, the menu has a wide range of offerings; from a delicious hamburger to a classic Wiener Schnitzel wrapped in our delicious Landrauchschinken. There are also smaller bites like house-made German pretzels and an Alpine-focused charcuterie board with salami, rillettes, pickles, rye bread, and more!